Can You Handle 10 to 20 New Customer Enquiries Daily?

(while Saving Hundreds of Hours by Simplifying your Marketing)

Say Goodbye To All Your Complex Marketing Efforts

Are you tired of overseeing website development, SEO, Google ads, content creation and social media posting? Tired of working with web designers, copywriters and multiple marketing professionals?

Now you can move beyond all of that, and choose a far simpler way to attract more of your ideal clients.

Now Your Leads are Guaranteed!!!

Here’s the thing – with current marketing efforts, you can pay thousands of rands to your marketing company for all these different marketing elements – even close to R100 000 for a high end website – but they won’t guarantee how well any of this will work, or how many customer enquiries you will get.

With our offer you are guaranteed to get highly targeted and pre-qualified customer enquiries – or your money back! SIMPLE AS THAT!

Breathe! There’s a Simpler Way

Instead of managing all these marketing processes and service providers, you can opt for a far simpler model : PAY-PER-LEAD..

When you work with us as your lead generation partner, after our initial strategy session we will bring you a steady and continuous flow of fresh qualified leads. You just sit back, and brush up on your closing strategies, as you get ready for a flood of enquiries!

Pre-Qualified Leads – Straight to your Inbox.

As a marketing partner we take the time to understand your offering and your target markets. We then create well-crafted campaigns to attract your ideal clients to opt in with their personal details. This indicates their active interest in your product or service. And you’ve just moved from cold calling to welcoming a warm lead!

Save Hundreds of Hours, so You Can Focus on What’s Important

When you choose the pay-per-lead model, there is very little time and focus required from you. After our strategy session, we go ahead and bring you leads.

You can now save hundreds of hours, since you can greatly reduce your time and effort in working with website designers, copywriters, SEO professionals etc. And no need to monitor and maintain all these complex processes as much.

Now you can focus more on what matters – whether it is building your business or more quality time with your family.

How does it work?

When you work with us as lead generation partners, we start with a focused strategy session, during which we get to know your business and your target market. We then create a compelling campaign and use our advanced online marketing techniques to attract your ideal customers and drive them to your offer once they opt in or fill out a questionnaire the details come straight to you or if you prefer telephonic enquiries customers will call you directly.

You Pay No Set-up Costs, No Consulting or Retainers Fees.

When you work with us, you don’t pay any set-up costs, any ad costs, nor any exorbitant consulting or retainers fees. You only pay a fixed price per lead – which we will agree on before we get started. Just pay for the amount of leads you want and we will open the floodgates!

100% Guaranteed Results – Or Your Money Back

After the first week if you are not totally impressed with our service or the quality of your leads, just let us know and we will gladly refund your payment.

We are so confident in our service that we are making this a risk free offer to you.

Ready to get started?

So are you ready to attract hundreds of new clients to your business – and simplify your marketing at the same time? Just click on the button below to get started.


No More Cold Calling.


100% Money Back Guarantee


Pause Your Campaigns Anytime


Super-targeted Audiences


Saves You Time and Effort


Simplify Your Marketing


You Pay Only for Leads


Our Leads are Pre-Qualified


No Set-Up or Retainer Fees

Ready to transform your marketing?

With this marketing solution you can attract far more highly targeted and pre-qualified sales leads who are actively looking for your product or service. And at the same time you can reduce all your current marketing exercises and even move beyond prospecting and cold calling.